Valentine’s Day Events

5 min readFeb 6, 2024


Greetings, Devicitizens.

Love is in the Void, can you feel it? Come join us in the celebration of love!

Even in the depths of the Devikins universe, love echoes as the love that we have for our players, and that is why throughout this month you can enjoy tons of events and maybe even find your special one in our lovely community.

Here is the complete list of our February’s events.


Love is in the Void, and we want you to spread the joy!

Share the referral code “BMINEDVK” with your friends (or treat yourself) to unlock an epic headstart in the game:

4 Replica Weapons — Arm your Devikins for domination in the arena.

10x Bag of Training (Rare) — Level up your Devikids and boost their strength.

1 Growth Injection — Fast-track one Devikid to adulthood and unleash its combat prowess.

1 Xaron’s Favor — Use it on the Wicked Wheel to score some prizes

Offer this and you may receive great rewards

Don’t miss out on these fantastic perks! Use the code and let the games begin!

If you still don’t have an account, create one for free now!

Click here for Android or here for iOS.


Some of our Void Adventures are given strange candies like: Garlic Chocobar, Crow Milk Chocolate, and Chocoroach Bites, and you may think that these are the prizes, but no, no one should consume that. Just bring all of that to us by the end of the month, and we will take care of them, and you can get a nice reward for your troubles.

Who would want to eat that?

You have from February 5th until February 25 to collect the items and then from Feb. 26 until Feb. 29 to exchange those for prizes.

And if you are part of our M.A.D. subscription, you get to participate in an exclusive Void Adventure and gather more material.


During this whole month, we will be running our Abyssal Eclipse event; this is when all Devikins have maximum power, so our PvP will be the place to be. Use this time to see what a Devikin at full power can do, and while you have fun, we will collect all the data to analyze later and come up with ways to make our battles more fun for everyone.


During all February, our Sacrifice feature will be at double the chances, so if you have a lot of Devikins in your Roster, maybe you could put them to good use, as a sacrifice to the Void!

Not only that, but to mark the new era of Devikins under our new CEO, we are returning with the chances of you getting a Klever personality (0.5% chance) and the bonded ninja gene (5% chance).

Ain’t he a cutie?

If you are afraid of losing that one special devikin in case anything goes wrong with the Sacrifice, you can always count on the Omulet. Using it during the ritual will save your devikin from being lost in case of failure.

Be Klever and don’t miss this chance!

The Omulet can save your devikins

LEAP YEAR EVENT (29/02/2024 00:00 UTC ~ 11:59 UTC)

One day each 4 years a portal opens in the Void and brings some bargains that are magical, rare, and always a surprise.

What the portal will bring this leap day is still unknown; guess all of you will have to wait until then.


VALENTINE’S CARD (06/02 ~ 15/02)

Help us spread the love this Valentine’s Day, and maybe you can have some right back at you.

We created 4 Valentine’s cards so you can send for that special one, but we think that maybe you can do better, so what about if you lend us your hand and try to create your own card.

We will give prizes for the top 3 with most likes on Twitter at the promotional post. Look for it on Devikins X profile.

LOVE AND WAR (17/02 ~ 28/02)

Even on Valentine’s month, the Void can be a dangerous place, and we want you to show us your best PvP team. Take advantage from our Abyssal Eclipse and create your nightmare team that could scorch the Void.

Look for the promotion’s post on X on the 17th and share your screenshot and if you screenshot has more likes than the rest, the prize will be yours. We will choose the 3 more liked posts.

Wnat more events? Check out our complete calendar:




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