The Forge, Explained

Just the other day we announced the Spring Forging event, and we know many of you have questions about the Forge and how it works. Today we’re going to give you a quick run-down on the four different Forge types, what items they provide, and how Forge Materials are procured and then used to — of course — forge weapons, equipment, skills, and a whole bunch more.

2 min readApr 13


To begin with, there are four different Forges:

  • Weapon Forge
  • Equipment Forge
  • Skill Forge
  • Random Forge

The Weapon Forge drops exactly what you’d expect, a random weapon. The same goes for the Equipment and Skill forges. Random Forge, on the other hand, drops everything else. Specifically, it drops costumes, pet skins, weapon skins, and slot items — those being chips and cartridges.

To use any of these four Forges requires Forge Materials, a resource which can be procured via Void Scraps, or Dust. Dust is obtained by scrapping unwanted items, and may — sometimes — be obtained as part of event rewards such as Seasons, and the Weekly League.

We also have for you the drop chances for the various item rarities:

  • Common: 60%
  • Uncommon: 29%
  • Rare: 10%
  • Mythic: 0.95%
  • Eldritch: 0.05%

To add on to that, Random Forge currently has a pity system. For every 49 pulls where you do not get a Mythic or Eldritch item, the 50th is guaranteed to be Mythic or Eldritch. However, if you do obtain a Mythic or Eldritch item before the pity system kicks into action, the counter is reset back to zero. We also intend for this pity system to apply to all of the various Forges in future, but as of this moment it only affects Random Forge.

We hope this helps explain the various Forges and the main way in which combat specific items are obtained!




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