Spring Forging, Devikins’ Newest Event

2 min readApr 11, 2023

Early Access is right around the corner, and with it comes Story Mode and PvP Combat. But, you’re going to need weapons, equipment, and skills before going out and fighting the many monsters of the Void.

That means everyone will get to take part in one of the new kinds of events that’s coming to Devikins alongside Combat: a Forging Event.

The Forge, something our Beta players are familiar with, is a part of Devikins where players can use resources to generate almost everything! This event focuses on Random Forge, one of four types of Forging. Random Forge can generate costumes, pet skins, weapon skins, and even slot items like chips and cartridges. Spring Forging, will be kicking off on the 21st of April and run for three days, ending on the 24th.

While it’s live, everyone will have a chance with every forge to earn themselves a unique weapon skin. We’ll also be posting a tutorial later this week explaining Forging, such as what resources are needed, and how to use them. That way everyone will be able to jump into the event and know exactly how to get started with their blacksmithing endeavours.

You’ll have a 10% chance while the event is live to earn yourself the Blue Easter Gun above, or a 0.5% chance to get the soon to be coveted Lilac Easter Gun, with the fanciest of eggs and a ribbon to match — which can be seen below.

Also, try not to question how an egg, some metal, and a fuzzy rabbit’s tail manages to make a weapon. Devikin engineering mostly functions on the logic of, ‘if a Devikin thinks it should work, it probably will.’ And the cuter something is? Well, that’ll probably make it even more dangerous.

We’ve got a lot more cooked up for you Devikings and Queens after the launch of Early Access, and we hope you’re just as excited to play as we are!




By MoonLabs Studios, Devikins is a turn-based RPG blockchain game, based in the ever-changing world of the Void. TG: devikins_game | discord.gg/devikins