Seasons, and Upcoming Changes

3 min readMay 11


Hey Devikings and Queens!

PvP Season 1 is just around the corner and after a month of play and thousands of battles and player feedback, we will make some changes to the following Season 2 to address some player’s concerns, and fix exploits to make PvP more engaging, challenging, and most of all — fun.


One of the biggest complaints we’ve received is regarding matchmaking. We will be updating our matchmaking systems so that players within a division are prioritised matching with those in the same division. If no match is found in a reasonable time, then we will be matching players that have a close overall team level. This will prevent high level teams from being matched against low level teams.

PvP Energy, and Future Additions:

Another topic is regarding the number of battles players can have. Since there is no energy system, players can battle in Real-Time PvP around the clock. This can create big point gaps between players that have much more time to play than others. We still want players looking for battles, but to make PvP more engaging for the broader player base, we will make it so that Real-Time PvP and Asynchronous PvP share an energy pool.

Coming in Season 3, however, we intend to introduce a mechanic called Momentum. This will be a system wherein players accumulate Momentum for taking breaks from Real-Time PvP. Momentum will act as a resource, and be spent with each Real-Time PvP match played to earn you more points per battle.

NFT Settlement Timer:

Some players have been sharing combatants, weapons, and equipment between friends and guildmates — making for an unfair advantage. To prevent exploiting the transfer system, we will be introducing NFT Settlement Time. Everytime an NFT is transferred between accounts, be that in-game or via an external wallet and back to the game, that NFT will have a settlement time before it can be used in battle again (in any game mode). The settlement time is incremental, therefore the more it is transferred, the longer the settlement time will be. To not penalize legitimate transfer, the first transfer within 15 days will not have any settlement time applied. Any subsequent transfers will get 1 day settlement time, then 7 days, then 15 days. 15 days is the highest settlement time, however if an NFT is transferred again before the settlement time finishes, the timer restarts.

Churn Time:

As with any game, the population of online players fluctuates depending on the time of day. Sometimes, a player will be matched over and over against the same opponent because of this. To prevent that, we will be introducing Churn Time, which will prevent a given player from being matched against their last opponent.

Season 2 will begin after an update that implements all of the above changes, which means while Season 1 ends on May 15th, Season 2 will not be starting the next day after. As such, while these changes are implemented Real-Time PvP will be unavailable.

Keep your eyes peeled for even more updates and articles on the horizon, and look forward to a more balanced, more engaging second season in the Void!




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