March’s Updates and Events

3 min readMar 4, 2024


Greetings, Devicitizens!

The short end of February is over and March is marching in, bringing new events and a lot of updates that were created with your happiness in sight and some are tests that we are working on to fine tune the Void.

Here are some of them:

Support for registering email for users with linked account

Now you can register your email to your Google Store or Apple Store account to withdraw your DVK and NFT.

Improved Marketplace

We did a revamp of our marketplace and we urge you to check it out!

Lv. 30 Rush

We are giving 1 forge hammer for users that reach level 30 until the end of March!

If you were waiting for a sign to level up your game, that is it, Devicitizen.

No catch, just play the game, reach the level and the item will drop on your account.

And if you are new in Devikins, with this item you can forge one random weapon to equip in your devikins to make them stronger for battle.

This baby can be your if you reach Lv. 30

St Patrick’s Day Event

The Void can be the place of luck and pots of gold and our St. Patrick’s event is proof of that.

First, during March 05 and 10 you have to go on Void Adventures in your devikins (accessible in the main hub) and complete the missions to win these items:

Look how beautifull they are and these are not even the prizes!

Once you have collected all that you could, you must exchange those items for your rewards, based on how many items you have for exchange, you will have from March 11 until March 17 to make the change for the items below:

Now these is what I call prizes

May the luck of the Void be with ya.

General Updates

- From now on, the burning policy will be updated to consider the DVK distributed in the formula. DVK TO BURN = EXPENSES — DISTRIBUTED

- Revamp on Guild View

- Revamp on Roster

- Revamp on Devikids Growth. Now user can pay with DVK to turn the devikid into adult

- Revamp on HUB shortcuts

- Change time on PvP to 4 hours before encounter the same opponent

March’s Event Calendar

Here is your calendar containing the planned events for the month, from PvP to PvE we have something for everybody.

Fun all month around!

Be alert, maybe we still have some surprises for this month!




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