How to use the Unlock Devikin system

2 min readMay 6, 2024


Hey there, Devicitizens! It’s your favorite Announcer popping in to chat about Locked Devikin, but you know them by their nickname Dummykin and how to unlock that NFT!

But hold up, what’s a Locked Devikin (Formerly known as Dummykin) anyway?

Its symbol is that little lock on the right.

Well, think of Locked Devikins as your tools to enter the Void. You can grow and train your devikids, and explore the Void Adventures, even taking action in battles (both PvE and PvP)… in other words, playing the game except that you can’t trade, sell, or use it to procreate.

“But Announcer, I’ve grown attached to my Dummy….Locked Devikin! We’re BFFs. I can’t just ditch it and I want to send it to my Klever Wallet!”

Notice how the export button on the left image isn’t functioning? That’s because it’s a Locked NFT. Simply unlock it, and you’ll be able to export.

No worries, Devicitizen! We’ve got a game-changing solution up our sleeves!

Introducing the Unlock NFT feature! With this cool new upgrade, your trusty Locked Devikin can level up and become a bonafide Devikin with all the perks included. Yep, that means you get the full NFT treatment, both in-game and out.

Now you will even be able to procreate and use it in all sorts of rituals!

So, how do you make this magical transformation happen? It’s as easy as pie:

The price for unlocking your Locked devikin is based on the rarity of the char, so, the rarer, more it will cost, but you can’t put a price on friendship, can you?

Watch the video bellow to see how easy is to unlock your NFT.




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