Event: Invite a Friend

3 min readApr 4, 2024


Invite & Win! (04/04/2024 ~ 30/04/2024)

Hello, Devicitizens!

Devikins is a game best played in groups (or should I say guilds), so the Void came up with an idea where you can invite your friends to play and both can get prizes.

How it works: Simply share your referral code with friends and earn fantastic rewards.

Don`t know how to share your referral?

You can go to options to see your referral and use the button to copy
The new user, to use the referral can type the code here.

Check out what you can win based on how many friends you bright to the game:

1 to 10 new players = Common Weapon Forge Item + Common Equipment Forge Item

11 to 20 new players = Rare Weapon Forge Item + Rare Equipment Forge Item

21st to 30 new players = Mythic Weapon Forge Item + Mythic Equipment Forge Item

The more players you invite, more powerfull your rewards will be!

And, to keep things fair and fun:

  • Your referral only counts once your friend reaches level 12.
  • Any misuse of the system will result in permanent account suspension.
  • If your referred friend becomes M.A.D. during the event, they’ll receive a special premium package! (5 Xaron’s Favour e 1 Skill Forge Item)
Be M.A.D and get more rewards!

Plus, to give new players a warm welcome, we’re offering a handy package of items once they hit level 12 (Items to level up a Devikins to level 10 and 1 Mythic Replica Weapon).

Level up fast and bring the terror to the PvP arena!

Let’s grow the Devikins community together and score some epic loot along the way!




By MoonLabs Studios, Devikins is a turn-based RPG blockchain game, based in the ever-changing world of the Void. TG: devikins_game | discord.gg/devikins