Early Access Feature Update

Early Access has almost been out for a month already! Time flies, eh?

3 min readMay 17, 2023

Our first feature update is just around the corner, and this update will be packed with a couple of new features and a sexy new inventory screen. Ooh la la.

M.A.D. 2.0

We have updated M.A.D so that there are more perks focused on combat, with no change in price. Here is a rundown of all the new features M.A.D. players will have on top the current ones:

  • 20% faster Story Mode Energy charge
  • 10% less points lost in Real-Time PvP losses
  • No Ads to access Free Pack stack (Already available)
  • Two extra opponents to choose from in Async PvP (Already available)
  • 10% extra Bounty Hunt points (Feature to come with Full Release)
  • More exclusive time limited events besides Devibolc (TBA)
  • Exclusive M.A.D. streak Costume (Feature to come with Full Release)


As discussed some time ago, Transmute is a feature developed to celebrate our veteran players. Players will receive Veteran Medals, a brand new item which they can use to Transmute 4 Devikin of the same rarity to attain a weapon of the same rarity.

A Veteran Medal

Yes, if you burn 4 Mythic Devikin you will get a Mythic Weapon, guaranteed. This is a 100% success chance feature.

Transmute is, of course, limited by the number of Veteran Medals one has, since a medal is required for each Transmutation. The amount of Veteran Medals airdropped to players will be determined by their account level and age. The maximum Medals any player can attain are six. Here’s a breakdown of what actions equal Veteran Medals:

  • Player Account Level 60+ : 1 Veteran Medal
  • Player Account Level 80+ : 1 Veteran Medal
  • Player has finished Crystal Canyon Achievement: 1 Veteran Medal
  • Player has finished Half a Year Achievement: 1 Veteran Medal
  • Player has a Roster with more than 100 NFTs: 1 Veteran Medal
  • Player is Royalty Level 10+: 1 Veteran Medal

Season Changes

The changes we announced last week that were due to come with Season 2 have been pushed to start in Season 1. NFT Settlement Time, PvP energy shared with Async, and a brand new and more fair PvP score calculation will be present in this release.

Ads for Energy and Nursery Item Queue slots:

We’re adding two new features unlocked by watching an ad. Players that are not M.A.D. subscribers will be able to queue items in the Nursery similar to M.A.D. players by watching a short ad. Moreover, all players will be able to watch a short ad every 30 minutes to get a free combat energy item. This can be accessed from the Main Hub.

Chore Auto Claim:

A Quality of Life change that has been requested many, many times is finally on its way.

Any unclaimed Chore will be sent to your inbox via a message at the end of that day. So, if you forgot to claim them, worry no more — as any forgotten Chores will be delivered to your inbox the following day.

Finally, we have some minor UI tweaks to make Broken Weapons more easily identifiable, and better Chip/Cartridge descriptions will be shown in the Marketplace. The new Broken Weapon indicator can be seen below.

We’re also aware of an exploit utilizing NFT Transfers, and as such NFT Transfer rules will change as part of this update — in that the first time an NFT is transferred no timer is placed on it, but any transfer within 30 days after the initial will lock said NFT for another 30 days, where it cannot be used in any combat activity.

The Early Access Feature Update is expected to release early next week.




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