Early Access AMA, Summarized

4 min readApr 14


We recently did an AMA covering all things Early Access, and if you haven’t had the chance to watch it you can check it out here.

Otherwise, we’ve made a handy summary of the questions and answers that you can go over in this article.

Is it possible to add perks to the daily reward pack with upgrade materials for MAD subscribers?

Yep! For those who’ve taken part in the Closed Beta, we’ve introduced Repair Materials and Scream Jars (XP) to the daily item pack, and we intend to add even more new items to daily rewards.

We know that Weird Blobs, Shapeless Crystals etc. will have a purpose in-game. Can you tell us what they’ll be used for?

Weird Blobs and other similar items will be used in Void Adventures to gain combat-specific items.

Can we donate materials used to level up skills, weapons, equipment etc. to Guild members?

Yes, you’ll be able to donate materials to your fellow Guild members, with a limit based on rarity. Scream Jars, though, cannot be donated.

Will the Christmas/Valentines/Beta skins and NFTs be airdropped come Early Access?

They’ll be delivered soon after the launch of Early Access, within the first week.

Will Omulets be available in the shop again on a regular basis, or only around Training Events?

Yes and no. Omulets (as of the time of the AMA) are currently available on a regular basis, but this will fluctuate based on how many are in the economy. Omulets are supposed to be a rare item and have scarcity, so a balance has to be struck.

Will Season 1 Weapons and Equipment have their own unique look?

No, not at this moment. The workload to create brand new assets for all weapons and equipment on a seasonal basis would be immense. Instead, we’re looking at offering skins/cosmetics as rewards on a seasonal basis that would be unique to that season in particular, and showcase a player’s accomplishments. This would also avoid a situation where a player earns a unique weapon that, while it has unique visuals, its stats aren’t — and that player would often choose to use a different, more effective weapon instead.

Will Scream Jars, Promotion Medals, and other related items be excluded from the Marketplace and Guild Donations?

We’ve answered this question regarding Guild Donations above, and players cannot donate Scream Jars to their fellow guildies. They also will not be able to put Scream Jars on the Marketplace. The same goes for Promotion Medals, which will not be available via the Marketplace or Donations.

Are you planning on developing a secure scholar system for players who don’t have a ton of time to invest in-game?

Right now we have some players that run their own scholar system. While we don’t intend to implement our own, dedicated scholar system, we are planning on making some security changes so that players who do decide to run their own system via a middle-man or otherwise cannot have their Devikin listed on the Marketplace without providing a code.

I had a hard time getting Scream Jars to drop consistently, and with an energy system tied to combat that means you can have a run of bad RNG and have a really hard time leveling your Devikin. Do you have any grace/catch-up systems planned?

With current drop odds, you’ll see a Scream Jar drop from every two battles on average. But, as you progress further into the story you’ll have larger Scream Jars appear on the loot table — which provide more XP than their lower-leveled counterparts. This means that the further you progress, the easier it becomes to level your Devikin and get multiple teams rolling at a higher level.

Will it be possible to spend unused Void Scraps on in-game items if players don’t have enough to put all of them towards VA’s?

We believe a fair way to use those remaining Void Scraps is to have them automatically converted into dust, which can also be used in creating Forge Materials and therefore Weapons, Equipment, Chips/Cartridges etc.

With so many different variations for weapons and equipment, do you have plans to implement a stat/element targeting system when forging?

At this moment we don’t have a plan for that, but what we do have planned is a pity system. Every 50th pull from the Forge (currently valid for Random Forge only) is guaranteed to be Mythic, or Eldritch, so long as an item of that rarity hasn’t dropped. Think of it like a counter that ticks up every time a Mythic or Eldritch doesn’t drop, and once that counter hits 50 you’ll automatically receive a Mythic or Eldritch item on your next forge. If a Mythic or Eldritch item does drop before the counter reaches 50, the counter will reset back to 0.

Moonlabs was recently accepted into the online global accelerator. Can you guys share more about this?

The global accelerator helps us at Moonlabs to better connect with investors and expand the Devikins universe. This means more funding, which means a larger team, larger patches, and more marketing.

In forging Weapons, Equipment, and Skills, what are the actual drop percentages for each rarity?

  • Common: 60%
  • Uncommon: 29%
  • Rare: 10%
  • Mythic: 0.95%
  • Eldritch: 0.05%

Also, take note of the pity system mentioned above, which guarantees the drop of a Mythic or Eldritch item after 50 forges in which one fails to drop.

Is there another way to level-up besides Scream Jars and Promotion Medals?

No. Nor do we have any immediate plans to change that system.




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