Devikins Game: February’s News and Updates

A Month Packed with New Features and Exciting Updates

4 min readJan 12, 2024

Greetings, Devicitizens!

Get ready to embark on an incredible adventure in the Devikins universe! This February, we’re excited to unveil a series of groundbreaking updates that will transform your gaming experience. Whether you’re a casual player or a dedicated gamer, these enhancements promise a more dynamic, balanced, and thrilling journey for everyone. Stay tuned for an epic adventure that will captivate and challenge you at every turn!

Embracing Balance and Exclusivity

Starting from late February, we are introducing a significant change in the Devikins universe. We will temporarily suspend the creation of new Devikins and the procreation feature. This decision is not just a temporary measure; it marks a crucial phase in our ongoing effort to refine and balance the game. We will be evaluating all embryos and procreation mechanisms to ensure fairness and enhance the exclusivity of your existing Devikins. This pause will inevitably increase the rarity and distinctiveness of each Devikin in your collection.

Additionally, events that are centered around the procreation feature, such as Devilboc, and the PvP will be put on hold during this period. This pause is a commitment to enhancing your gaming experience by valuing quality and uniqueness in the Devikins world.

Dio Ianakiara, new Moonlab’s CEO talking about the many changes: “Critically, we’re taking significant steps to enhance the balance and overall experience of our game. To achieve this, both the PvP (Player versus Player) and World Boss events will be temporarily paused. This decision is part of our dedicated effort to refine these aspects of the game, ensuring a more

fair and engaging experience for all players. While these events are on hold, our team will be diligently working behind the scenes to implement improvements and updates, aiming to bring you an even more thrilling and balanced gameplay when these popular features return.”.

The Void Beckons

Excitement still abounds in the Devikins universe! Although the procreation feature is taking a short break, the exhilarating ‘Sacrifice’ feature is still available for you to explore. This presents a unique opportunity to potentially acquire even more powerful Devikins. Dive into the mysterious Void and trade for a chance to elevate and enrich your collection. The adventure continues, offering new ways to enhance your gaming experience!

Market Dynamics and Economy Stimulation

The game’s marketplace remains your all solution for devikins and equipment! Continue to trade, sell, or purchase Devikins and a variety of other NFTs as you wish. This ongoing activity in the marketplace is designed to invigorate the game’s economy, adding even more value and excitement to your gaming experience!

Epic Rewards and Incentives

Brace yourselves for an extraordinary transformation in our rewards system:

  • We’ve updated our weekly prize pot, now 5,000,000 DVK!
  • Expect the rewards for Seasons to soar to unprecedented levels, offering a truly awe-inspiring experience!
  • Additionally, newcomers aiming to ascend the ranks have more to look forward to. Attaining level 30 now grants a generous bounty of 10,000 DVK, serving as a warm and rewarding welcome to the thrilling world of Devikins!

Ambassador Program and Social Media Extravaganza

Our Ambassador Program is undergoing a fantastic transformation, with more rewards and giveaways than ever before. Stay tuned for more NFT giveaways on our social media platforms. It’s a celebration of our community and your unwavering support!

Network Migration and Contract Pause

We are poised for a significant advancement with the scheduled end migration of $DVK tokens from the Tron network to the Klever network, marking a pivotal change set for the last day of February. This transition is designed to notably enhance your gaming experience. To ensure a smooth transfer, we recommend moving your DVK through your Klever Wallet or via Starting March 1st, the $DVK contract on the Tron Network will be permanently paused, as we fully transition to using the Klever Network for all our on-chain operations.

You can view the current contract here: Tronscan Contract

Furthermore, we would like to announce that starting February 1st, our existing DVK banking contract on the Tron network will be definitively paused.

You can find the details of this contract at: Tronscan Contract

Get ready, Devicitzens, for an era of unparalleled excitement and engagement in the world of Devikins.

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The Void is waiting for you!




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