Devikins 2.0.86 — The Abyssal Eclipse

Hey Devikings and Queens! We’ve got a new Update on the way, and the Void is about to see a shakeup, especially in the Arena.

2 min readJun 29


With Update 2.0.86 comes an event known as the Abyssal Eclipse. Far overhead, the sun is blotted out by a great, hideous creature known only as an Other. These beings are opposed to sanity itself, their very presence twisting reality around them — if not tearing it apart outright. The Abyssal Eclipse brings with it change, empowering Devikin far beyond mortal means.

When the Abyssal Eclipse event is live all Devikin are set to Level 100 in Real-time PvP. This means that the playing field is almost perfectly evened out, as power from this terrible creature infuses your fighters. Personality bonuses are not calculated for virtual levels, as a way to still reward players who dedicate time to leveling their Devikin.

Alongside the Abyssal Eclipse are multiple additions to the game:

  • Added Friendly PvP, or Duel System. Invite friends, Guild-mates, and random players to no-stakes PvP
  • Added Multi-Instant. Run more than one Instant Completion in Story-mode simultaneously
  • PvP Intro Disconnection has been modified so that players who disconnect during the introduction screen receive a loss
  • Fixed an issue where the PvP UI vanished, resulting in soft-locks and losses
  • Assorted bug fixes

Update 2.0.86 drops next Tuesday, July 4th at 10:00PST (Pacific Standard Time), or 17:00UTC. As per usual, this will require an hour’s maintenance and during that time the Devikins servers will be down.

We hope you’re as excited to jump into the Arena as we are!




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